Whats on @ Merkaba community in the coming months...

Mekaba host retreats and offer volunteering opportunities on a regular basis. Retreats and events held here in the past have comprised of tattooing weeks, dance workshops, multiple yoga retreats, psychology and life coaching events, all the way through to permaculture and natural build seminars.

If you are interested in adding to this list and could host a retreat yourself, then please get in touch and we can discuss further. We welcome those who are looking to give something back, do something creative, artistic or just come to this beautiful space to relax. Feel free to check out our events below and to contact us for more information and bookings.

Merkaba Community

60 Second Make Over

1st March – 10th May 2018

As part of the ongoing maintenance requirements within the community and expansion into new areas / projects, Merkaba opens its doors during this time to all volunteers willing to lend a hand… whether your a painter, gardener or general all rounder then we have an exchange package to suit all interested.

As part of our ongoing quest to provide the most unforgettable community retreat experience, Merkaba will again be collaborating with various other yogis, healers, masseuses and the like, to offer something which one can only describe as a certain je ne sais quoi. A truly empowering and really relaxed experience were you will not only learn what its like to live in a community setting but also be given the pampering of a retreat whilst at it. Rest assured this is the jewel in Merkaba’s crown and promises to be an experience like no other. 

Each morning offers a daily yoga practice, some instructor led but some free-flow classes too in order to really encourage what yoga is all about… the loss of the ego and the direction within. Each day  your pallet will be tantilised and satisfied with our home grown produce and amazing skills within the kitchen, all whilst you are presented with a number of ways to get creative, join us on beautiful nature walks, visit local historic attractions and swimming in secluded waterfalls to name but a few.

If your wanting a community retreat experience to top trump all others then this ones for you! 🙂

Merkaba In Full Flow

11th May – 22nd May 2018

Eco Building Workshop

Dates to be confirmed for Autumn 2018


Have you ever wanted to build something from scratch and learn skills that you yourself could one day put to good use? Or are you simply stuck in a mundane 9-5 and want to stop pushing paper and get your hands dirty for a change? Then this one is for you 🙂 Again following on from the successful start to the communities Eco Greenhouse back in the spring of 2017, we are now offering part 2 and again need the help from those both skilled and unskilled in the construction industry. Places are limited so hard workers are a must for this one as we plan to do a lot and cover much ground in a short space of time. This 2nd part of the build will touch briefly on what we covered in part 1 (drainage, foundations and how to build earth rammed tyre walls) and will then continue onto the design and construction of roof (including the bond beam and rear butress – thus finishing the required structural support ) and in the later part of the build the team will tackle the formation of the timber framework needed to hold the glasswork to form the greenhouse entrance.

We are offering all selected members of the crew a reduced stay that will include all vegan meals freshly prepared throughout the day by one of our in house chefs with plenty of teas and tasty snacks in between to keep energy levels high…  a daily yoga practice will be incorporated into the schedule along with a couple of local attractions thrown in for good measure to help break the week(s) up. So if this fits the bill and your wanting a life adventure, or simple something you can stand back from and have a real sense of achievement then please get in touch.

We are proud to announce that the Bar-Bearians Training centre and Bar-volution Calisthenics have joined forces to bring you this exclusive life changing experience. This unique bespoke retreat runs between Saturday 16th and Saturday 23rd of June 2018 in the sun drenched mountains of Portugal. Leave modern life behind, experience a life of off-grid and immerse yourself in a world of fitness coupled with nature and stunning scenery. Allow yourself to distress unwind and build new foundations for a stronger more confident you. The Bar-volearian Calisthenics health and well being retreat package includes- “Merkaba Calisthenics”, a movement and function coaching from 3 fully accredited and founder members of the Street Sports Association. Various classes of Yoga will on offer too along with a plethora of activities an optional extras to suit everyone. 

After returning home you will receive post retreat care of 3 months worth of programmes, as well as access to your retreats specific private group for advice encouragement and help on your ongoing journey through calisthenics and beyond. 

Bar-Bearians Callestenics Retreat

May 2019

Merkaba Community 2018