Nestled deep within the rural mountains of central Portugal, a place of surreal tranquility and breath taking beauty, exists a place like no other… a spiritual safe haven some would say to the truth seekers out there, the adventure enthusiasts, awakened souls, yogis and the like… everyone with their own unique story and on their own individual path… coming together to live a life in peace, a life of sharing and helping one another other along the way and in doing so, thereby paving the way for others and together co-creating our very own piece of Heaven on Earth.

Merkaba runs as a seasonal community, hosting the space out to facilitate others at times but also running our very own workshops, retreats and events. Despite our varying schedules we always remain integral to our core values and beliefs…

A Different Way Of Living

As the community continues to develop and grow, one of the key aspects we focus on is introducing others to our “different way of living”… a way of living not so new but one which our ancestors enjoyed for eons… a way of living that is free and pure, resourceful and abundant and in so many ways, one in which has us living in harmony with our surroundings and in equilibrium with mother nature 🙂 On this journey back to our roots we reconnect not only with the self and the divine but also reconnect with the land, our past, and evidentially each other.

Merkaba Community
Merkaba Community

Daily Yoga & Meditation

We do encourage each and everyone to join in as much as possible with our daily yoga although rest assured it is not compulsory. Whether your a seasoned yogini able to fold yourself into a Pretzel or just starting off, maybe somewhere inbetween… everyone deserves to give themselves this time each day, to close the eyes, to take a deep breath and to just BE… be in the moment, be within thy self and be present in the only moment that truly exists, the here and now. A spiritual practice is not something that comes overnight and takes time… it must be seen as a practice, what you put in you can expect back… know that all answers lie within.

Health & Food

One of our main goals within the community is to ensure that each community member gets access to the freshest fruits and vegetables we can grow, buy or trade. The vast majority of our food is organic and we pride ourselves in the fact that we support such an endeavour. We eat predominantly a Vegan diet with various Vegetarian meals on offer too. Exercise is promoted throughout the day, whether thats a walk, a run, a pilates session or a full out callisthenics pump, its good to get the blood flowing and the body working.


Merkaba Community


As part of a more sustainable tomorrow we are constantly looking to reuse everything that we either throw away or deem no longer necessary. We recycle all the obvious… plastics, card board, glass and what not but we also like to venture farther and have recently started to construct the communities first home built almost entirely out of waste… an experimental home that claims to be self heating and carbon negative… why arent we all building like this? Another aspect of our sustainable lifestyle is our resourcefulness within the local community… rather than buying from china and having our items shipped across the world, we choose to support as many local families and businesses as possible.. from freshly made organic bread baked by a neighbour to local meet-ups at car boots… everything we consume and use we are always conscious of and looking to improve.


Giving Back

Happiness, only real when shared” and what better way to share your happiness than with others that are less abundant than yourself. This is what community life is all about, so whether its giving back within the community or running events outside with the view to improve something or someones life, appreciation and thanks are the building blocks of today and vital as we enter a more heart based paradigm.

Merkaba Community

Merkaba Community 2018